About us

Protek Bodies

It has been creating custom fibreglass truck bodies from Canada’s coast to coast for 30 years. We have expanded into Turcs & Caicos, the Cayman Islands and plan to expand further into the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Located centrally in North York, Ontario, Protek has established itself as one of leading fibreglass body manufacturers  in Canada with over 85% of bodies. 


Our Mission & Vision

Protek Bodies is committed to consistently provide high quality fibreglass bodies. We believe it’s not just enough to simply meet our customers expectations; our goal is to exceed them. Through innovation and dedication to quality, we strive to be the most highly respected custom fibreglass body manufacturer in North America.

Built to Last

Our fibreglass bodies are built with strength and longevity in mind. Our unique process, developed through years of experience, allows our bodies to withstand the typical stresses involved in the utility industry with unparalleled effectiveness and minimal wear.

Weather Proof

Our bodies are designed to endure a wide range of weather conditions. From the hot temperatures of the Caribbean to the subfreezing in Northern Canada, our truck bodies are able to resist degradation. They are completely impermeable to all of the elements including oxidation and corrosion. Their high resistance to corrosion and wear ensures fewer repairs and in turn, less money spent on maintenance.

Light Weight

Our fibreglass bodies have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Pound for pound, they are stronger than any other fibreglass body without the use of fillers. Our bodies offer the strength of traditional aluminum and steel bodies without the added weight. The reduced weight drastically decreases fuel consumption.

Trusted fibreglass bodies for over 30 years

Offering fully customizable truck bodies since 1985